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Group Client

Executive-sponsored initiatives focusing on informing overall corporate strategy

Case Study: Strategic Growth Planning

Client Situation

A novel drug delivery company needed to refine and pressure-test its current corporate strategy in the context of the evolving healthcare industry. The company commissioned Triangle Insights to identify potential strategic options to consider in order to maximize the value of its underlying technology.

Triangle Insights Approach

  • Environmental Scan: Reviewed relevant industry trends and competitive landscape.
  • Company Analogs: Developed business case studies of peer group drug delivery companies, highlighting strategic decisions that led to value creation.
  • Internal Audit: Conducted internal assessment of capabilities, competencies, and assets.
  • Strategic Option Generation: Taking into account the external and internal analysis, identified potential strategic paths to consider—recognizing necessary conditions that needed to be true as well as potential barriers.
  • Insights: Identified strategic set that produced the appropriate company risk and return profile for shareholders.


Client was able to gain board approval of the refined corporate strategy and raise additional funding to execute on the refined strategy.