Press Releases

June, 2016

Triangle Insights to Present Results of Forecast Accuracy Study During the 2016 BIO Convention

April, 2015

Triangle Insights Opens New Office in Durham (RTP)

December, 2014

"Triangle Insights Best Practices in Big-Pharma Out-Licensing" voted 4th most popular BIO 2014 session

May, 2014

Triangle Insights receives "Best Consultant" Award from Triangle Business Journal

November, 2013

Triangle Insights Group Opens RTP Office

Upcoming Conferences

January 2016 | Biotech Showcase

State of the Industry: It’s Different This Time

(Ben Bonifant with Philippe Lopes-Fernandes, Merck KGaA; Diego Miralles, Johnson & Johnson; Dennis Purcell, Aisling Capital; Luke Timmerman, Timmerman Report)

Previous Conferences

October 2015 | CBI Mergers & Acquisitions

Understanding Proper Valuation and Key Value Drivers of Targets

(Gautam Aggarwal with Darren Buchwald, Emergent BioSolutions)

July 2015 | Biotech CEO Summit

Ben Bonifant: Member of the Advisory Board, Discussion Leader, and Author of Case Study Materials

June 2015 | BIO Annual Meeting

What Are They Doing In There?-The Mysteries and Practices of Large Pharma Transactions Organizations

(Ben Bonifant with Mike Broxson, Takeda; Doug Giordano, Pfizer; Brian McVeigh, GSK; and David Piacquad, Amgen)

June 2015 | BIO Annual Meeting

Best Practices in Big-Pharm Out-Licensing and Strategic Transactions

(Ben Bonifant with Meeta Chatterjee, Merck; Kinney Horn, Genentech; Bethany Mancilla, Amgen; and John Watson, Pfizer)

November, 2014 | Therapeutic Area Partnerships (Boston, MA)

Infectious Disease Clinical Advisor, Identifying the Right Drugs and the Right Partners

October, 2014 | LES (San Francisco)

LES Annual Meeting (San Francisco) – Gautam Aggarwal to moderate Due Diligence discussion

October, 2014 | LES (San Francisco)

LES Annual Meeting (San Francisco) - Ben Bonifant to discuss Royalty Rate survey

June, 2014 | BIO International (San Diego)

Best Practices in Big-Pharma Out-Licensing

(Ben Bonifant, moderator)

March, 2014 | BIO-Europe (Turin, Italy)

Due diligence: How to ensure a successful process

(Ben Bonifant, moderator)

January, 2014 | Biotech Showcase (San Francisco, CA)

Luncheon Plenary

(Ben Bonifant, moderator)

September, 2013 | US-Japan Health Sciences Dialogue (Philadelphia, PA)

Economic and Policy Trends That Will Impact Dealmaking in 2014

(Ben Bonifant)

June, 2013 | BIO (Chicago, IL)

Fashion or Innovation: What Can We Learn From Outcomes of Major Deal Trends of the Past Decade?

(Ben Bonifant)